Destination Weddings In Spain

Imagine this: Waking up on your wedding day in sunny Spain with peace of mind. No worries, no stress, just anticipation and excitement. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Planning your dream day in a foreign country can seem daunting. Endless research for the perfect venue, the best vendors, and managing all the details might start to feel like climbing a mountain, especially with language barriers and distance.

That’s where a local Spanish ally comes in handy. Someone who knows the ins and outs of the Spanish wedding scene, can chat effortlessly with suppliers, and is always a quick call away. A guide to make sure no detail gets missed.

You’ll have the benefit of a fantastic network of local experts – the best photographers, celebrants, caterers, florists, bands, and DJs Spain has to offer with a specialist at the helm to ensure that you’re getting the right mix of people together to create your special day.

On the day of your wedding, you should be free to relax and celebrate, not worry about logistics. The last thing you need is any hiccups on the happiest day of your life. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone on site to make sure everything runs smoothly?

You deserve to enjoy every moment of your wedding journey, from the early planning stages to the final dance of your reception and even your after-party. It should be an exciting, memorable, stress-free experience that culminates in the best day of your life.

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Our Destination Wedding Planning Package

Planning a wedding is stressful enough when it is in your own country, in your own language so planning a destination wedding in Spain is not going to be any easier.

When the hurdles of language and distance stand in the way of you and your perfect wedding day, we are here to jump them for you.

It all starts at your initial consultation where we’ll get to know you and talk about how you got together as a couple and your vision for your special day. Whether you’ve already got a clear idea of what you want or you’re feeling a bit unsure, we’ll use our experience and creativity to make it happen just the way you want it to.

We don’t tie ourselves to specific suppliers which means that we can pick the suppliers that are the right fit for your unique and bespoke wedding. We take care of all consultations and appointments and if you need to be there, physically or virtually then we’ll make sure that they are scheduled at your convenience.

On the day of your wedding, we’ll be there from start to finish, making sure everything runs smoothly and overseeing all the arrangements so you can relax and immerse yourself fully in one of the happiest days of your lives.

We’ll work in partnership with you to make your dream wedding a reality, all while keeping you in control and making sure everything is tailored to your needs.

If you want to make your wedding planning experience an enjoyable one, then get in touch with us and let’s start planning your dream wedding!

Begin Your Unforgettable Journey From €1990.

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What’s Included:

  • Venue Scouting: We’ll source the perfect venue to match your vision.
  • Supplier Sourcing: Photographers/videographers, celebrants, cake makers, caterers, florists, transport services, hair and beauty, stationery, entertainment, lighting and more.
  • Arranging and attending site visits and menu tastings.
  • We will help sculpt your vision providing creative input throughout the process.
  • Creating floor-plans and helping with the over-all styling of the wedding day itself including setting up your venue.
  • Accommodation for guests with information on the local area.
  • Budget management.
  • Attending consultations with suppliers and providers.
  • Producing a complete minute-by-minute running order of the day to distribute to all suppliers.
  • Attendance from start to finish on the wedding day to ensure everything runs smoothly and to be the first point of contact for any suppliers and guests who may have problems or queries.
  • Regular meetings and unlimited e-mail, whatsapp and phone call support.
  • Submitting paperwork to local town halls.
  • Fully customised wedding website and RSVP/Gift list management.

Our Peace Of Mind Package

Even the best-laid plans need a steady hand to guide them to fruition.

That’s where our On-The-Day Coordination Package steps in. Starting 4-6 weeks before your special day, this service is crafted for couples who’ve planned their wedding but seek a professional touch on the day itself.

We become the linchpin, ensuring all your preparations come together and every moment unfolds as envisioned.

Our presence guarantees that timelines are adhered to, vendors deliver as promised, and any unforeseen hiccups are swiftly handled.

The result? You and your partner immersed in the joy and love of the day, with peace of mind, knowing everything’s under control.

It’s your day to shine; let us take care of the details.

The investment for total peace of mind on your special day: £1550

*To learn more about the differences between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator, please click here.

What’s Included:

  • Personalised Initial Consultation: Let’s start with a friendly chat, getting to know your vision and diving deep into the specifics. Your dream is our blueprint.
  • Unlimited Contact: From the moment you book, we’re all ears! Benefit from unlimited communication with us, ensuring we’re always in sync.
  • Venue/Site Visit: Four to six weeks before the wedding, we’ll visit your chosen venue. This helps us get a firsthand feel of the space and plan for the best setups.
  • Supplier Touchpoints: After our site visit, we’ll connect with all your chosen vendors. We’ll ensure we’re all on the same page about requirements, logistics, and what’s been agreed upon. Peace of mind? Absolutely!
  • Detailed Day Plan: We believe in meticulous planning. You’ll have a minute-by-minute schedule for your wedding day, ensuring every detail is accounted for.
  • Day-of-Co-ordination: The big day is here, and while you’re enjoying the moments, we’ll be there managing the event. Every vendor, every schedule, every little nuance – we’ve got it under control from start to finish.

Ready To Start Your Spanish Wedding Journey?

Feeling the pull of Spain’s romantic charm? Excited about the idea of your wedding under the warm Spanish sun, surrounded by stunning landscapes and historic architecture?

It’s time to make your dream wedding a reality! Click the button below to schedule a no-obligation, 30-minute call with us. Alternatively, we can discuss via email if that is easier for you.

We can discuss your wedding vision, the beautiful possibilities Spain offers, and how we can ensure your special day is as seamless and memorable as you envision. Let’s begin your Spanish wedding journey together.

Our 6-Phase Planning Process

Phase 1: Introduction

The journey to your perfect day begins with us getting to know you, your dreams, and your vision for your wedding day. We want to understand what makes your love story unique, what elements are most important to you, and how we can bring those details to life. This initial stage will also be the time for us to send out a contract and take care of the necessary legalities and paperwork. This ensures that all the administrative details are sorted out, allowing us to focus on the fun and exciting parts of the planning process. We believe that laying a strong, transparent foundation is key to a smooth planning journey, and this first step sets the tone for a successful partnership.

Phase 2: Planning

Once we have a grasp of your vision, we get down to the nitty-gritty of planning. This is where we start to bring together all the elements that will make your day truly unique. A priority during this stage is securing the main suppliers, which includes the venue, photographer/videographer, caterers, bands/DJs, hair stylists, make-up artists and celebrants/officiants. We also consider other elements, such as the menu, flowers, and stationery. Additionally, we finalise a realistic and transparent budget during this phase, and provide a detailed timeline to ensure everything stays on track.

Phase 3: Design

With all the groundwork laid, it's time to start breathing life into your wedding. In the design phase, we create a visual concept that encapsulates your personal style and the aesthetic you want for your big day. This is also when you and your wedding party will look to purchase your wedding attire. We'll discuss colour schemes, lighting, furniture, decorations, and all the tiny details that will make your wedding an unforgettable experience. This phase ensures that your wedding truly reflects your unique style and personality.

Phase 4: Coordination

Coordination is where we ensure everything is running like clockwork. In this phase, we liaise with all the vendors, making sure they understand your vision and are prepared for the big day. We handle all communication and logistics, ensuring that every element is in sync. Rest assured, our expert team will be on top of every detail, providing you with regular updates and peace of mind.

Phase 5: Execution

This is the day we've all been waiting for. On the day of the wedding, we are on-site to manage the execution of each detail meticulously. We coordinate vendors, manage the setup, and troubleshoot any unforeseen issues, all while ensuring that the event unfolds seamlessly. Our primary goal during this phase is to ensure that you can relax and immerse yourself in the joy of the day.

Phase 6: Post-Wedding

Even when the last dance has been danced, and the guests have all departed, our service to you continues. In the post-wedding phase, we handle the break down and cleanup, ensure that any rentals are returned and settle any remaining vendor bills. This phase is all about wrapping up the loose ends, allowing you to enjoy the first few days of your wedded bliss without any worries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Hire A Wedding Planner?

Hiring an event planner can save you time, stress, and often money. With their experience and connections in the industry, they can help you find the best deals, handle any unexpected situations, and ensure that everything runs smoothly on your big day. This allows you to fully enjoy the experience, without having to worry about the details.

What Are The Benefits Of A Destination Wedding?

The cost of an event planner can vary depending on their experience, the complexity of the event, and the level of service you require. Some planners charge a flat fee, some a percentage of your total wedding budget, and others an hourly rate. We provide a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs after an initial consultation.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Wedding Planner?

Destination weddings offer a unique and memorable experience for both the couple and their guests. They can be more intimate, as they typically involve a smaller group of close friends and family. They also provide an opportunity for everyone to enjoy a mini-holiday and explore a new location.

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Get Married In Spain?

Spain is blessed with a temperate climate and abundant sunshine throughout the year. However, the most popular times for weddings are during the spring (April to June) and Autumn (September and October) when temperatures are comfortable but not overly hot. These periods also offer stunning natural backdrops for your wedding photos.

More Useful Information