Last Minute Destination Weddings In Spain

So, what does “last minute” mean? Depending on what you’re dreaming of and how we pull things together, we can set up your big day much faster than the usual timeline. We jump into full gear, tapping into our network to make your vision come to life.

However, there’s a little reality check. Depending on the time of year the sunny south of Spain is a hot spot for weddings. Many top venues and suppliers are booked way ahead. But this doesn’t mean we can’t create something stunning for you. Whilst we might suggest some alternative venues or suppliers, our main goal remains: to give you a fantastic day.

Planning a wedding on short notice asks for a bit more flexibility. There might be some twists and turns along the way, but isn’t that part of the fun? We’re by your side, guiding and suggesting, ensuring every detail aligns with what you’ve envisioned.

A last-minute wedding has its unique charm – from unexpected venues to those special touches only possible when you go with the flow. Armed with creativity and your dream in mind, we want to ensure your day is nothing short of memorable.

So, if you’re feeling spontaneous and trust us to plan your special day quickly, we’re on board. Because sometimes, the most unexpected moments turn out to be the best ones. Let’s make your wedding one of those moments!

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Last Minute Destination Wedding Planning Package

Choosing our Last Minute Destination Wedding Package means you’re not compromising on the quality or the essentials – it’s the same comprehensive service we offer with our usual wedding package. However, there are a few things to bear in mind.

Depending on the season and location, availability can be a challenge. Popular venues and sought-after suppliers might already be booked in advance. We’ll always do our utmost to provide top-notch alternatives, ensuring your day is nothing short of special.

But the nature of a quick turnaround does mean that flexibility might be key.

The Last Minute package requires a significant amount of additional work in a condensed time-frame.

Sourcing available high-quality suppliers, especially during peak seasons, demands added effort and commitment.

As a result, while this package offers everything included in our standard wedding offering, there’s an additional charge to cater for the intensified planning process.

Rest assured, our dedication to crafting your perfect day remains unwavering, whether you’re planning well in advance or racing against the clock.

With this in mind, the investment for our fast track wedding planning services start at €2350.

*To learn more about our pricing structure and commission, click here.

What’s Included:

  • Tailored Planning: We believe every party should reflect the unique personality of the bride, and we’ll tailor our planning accordingly.
  • Accommodation Booking: Depending on your budget and style, we can book a cosy villa, boutique hotel, or luxury resort that will serve as your hen party base.
  • Activity Planning and Booking: We’ll arrange and book all activities. This could range from pampering spa sessions, yoga classes, cocktail-making workshops, cooking classes with local chefs, beach days, boat trips, to dancing the night away in the best clubs.
  • Meal Planning: We can organise a variety of meal experiences, from private chefs preparing meals in your accommodation to reservations at the finest local restaurants.
  • Decor and Party Favours: We’ll add special touches to make the event feel truly personalised. This can include tailored decor, personalised gifts for attendees, and memorable party favours.
  • Transportation: We can arrange all necessary transportation, whether it’s airport transfers, getting to and from activities, or providing a stylish ride for a night out on the town.
  • Unlimited email and whatsapp contact: From the moment you land till you wave goodbye, we’ll be available to ensure everything goes smoothly and help with any unexpected situations.

Ready to Fast Track Your Dream Wedding?

Every moment counts when planning a swift celebration.

If you’re eager to embark on this whirlwind wedding journey, don’t delay.

Schedule a call with us now, and let’s get your Fast Track Wedding rolling.

We’re here to streamline the process, ensuring every detail is perfect, no matter how tight the timeline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Quickly Can A Last Minute Destination Wedding Be Arranged?

While the typical planning time for a destination wedding is 12-18 months, our Last Minute Wedding service is designed for those desiring a quicker timeline. Depending on venue and supplier availability, we can often arrange weddings in a significantly shorter time-frame. However, the exact time required will vary based on specific needs and circumstances.

Will I Have To Compromise On The Quality With A Last Minute Wedding?

Not at all! While some choices might be limited due to supplier and venue availability, we remain committed to delivering a top-tier wedding experience. Our team is adept at sourcing high-quality alternatives, ensuring your day remains as magical as you've always imagined.

What Makes A Last Minute Wedding Package Different To The Standard Wedding Planning Package?

Our Last Minute service incorporates everything our standard wedding package offers. However, due to the quicker turnaround and the potential challenges in sourcing suppliers during peak seasons, it requires a more intensive focus from our team. This dedicated effort is reflected in the cost, ensuring we can deliver your dream wedding, even against the clock.

Is There A Particular Season Or Time That's Best For Last Minute Destination Weddings?

Last Minute Destination Weddings can be planned year-round, but availability can vary. Off-peak seasons might offer more flexibility in choices, whereas peak wedding seasons might present more challenges in securing specific venues or suppliers. Regardless, we always do our utmost to create a memorable day, no matter the season.

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