Why Do Destination Wedding and Event Planners Charge Commission?

by | Aug 6, 2023 | Information, Weddings

Navigating the world of event planning, especially for destination weddings, often means coming across industry-specific terms. One that might pop up and possibly puzzle you is “commission” or “referral kick-backs”. Let’s delve into what this means for both us and you.

So, What’s Commission All About?

Simply put, commission is a nod from a vendor to us, thanking us for introducing them to clients like you. It’s their way of appreciating the new business relationship we’ve facilitated.

What’s The Rate?

Where we have a referral arrangement with a vendor, we typically receive a 10% kick-back  as recognition for the role we play in connecting clients with quality vendors. Whilst this aids our business, we want to assure you: our primary drive is aligning your event with the best of the best. Our heart and soul go into ensuring you experience nothing short of magic on your special day and we will always work with the right vendor for you in order to achieve that.

Why It’s Common in Destination Weddings

Given the nuances and intricacies of orchestrating a grand event overseas, wedding planners become pivotal. The referral reward is a well-accepted nod to our role in weaving the many threads of a destination wedding into a beautiful tapestry.

The Merits of Commission

This practice equips us to forge and nurture genuine relationships with an array of quality vendors. Over time, this translates into a web of trust, ensuring that every florist, caterer, or photographer we recommend has been tried and tested and understands exactly the standards that we expect them to meet for our clients.

Considering the Flipside

Yes, there are pitfalls. For example, some may prioritise commission over quality, but that’s not us. Our rates are not so low that we rely on referral rewards to top up our income – we refuse to build a business that’s reliant on finding the most expensive vendors to support it. Your dream takes centre stage, regardless of any financial aspect. To back that up, we don’t keep all of the 10%. A quarter of that goes straight into the Evently Foundation, our emerging charity crated as a way of celebrating love, enriching lives and helping those who sadly, don’t have the luxury of time.

Understanding Our Charges

Being upfront is key. Our fee has two components:

  1. A variable fee, which is 10% of your event’s budget (with a base fee of €2990).
  2. A 10% referral reward from select vendors as a thank-you for promoting their expertise. As mentioned about, we don’t keep all of the 10%. A quarter of that goes straight into the Evently Foundation.

In essence: Our Charge = Variable Fee + Supplier Commission.

Transparency Above All

Every penny, every decision, is laid bare for you to see. We believe in an open-book policy, ensuring you’re always in the know.

Questions? Need to chat?

Reach out to us anytime. We’re here to ensure your planning journey is smooth, transparent, and joyous from start to finish.

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