Our Story

In 2012, Daniel and I, Alexandra, decided to embark on the journey of marriage. During that time, we were in a difficult financial situation, trying to make ends meet and juggle our dreams simultaneously. There was no grand, fairy-tale-like engagement — no shining diamond ring exchanged under a blanket of stars. Instead, it was just us, on a walk in the woods and a simple, yet powerful, agreement to face the world together.

We were in love and despite our hardships, we held onto the vision of a beautiful wedding ceremony. There was a venue that captured our hearts the moment we saw it – a place that perfectly captured the essence of our love story. It was our ideal venue to exchange our vows and begin our married lives together. But destiny had other plans. Daniel’s ex-partner swooped in and booked her wedding at our chosen venue and also scheduled her own wedding before ours, leaving our dreams tainted. It was as if a cherished treasure had been abruptly stolen from us. Despite the sting of this unexpected setback, we resolved to let nothing stand in our way and decided to hold a more humble ceremony at a local registry office.

But as fate would have it, life presented us with another twist. A surprise ray of light pierced through our challenges — I was pregnant with our son. However, this joyous news was marred by severe morning sickness and health concerns for our daughter, who was hospitalised with a serious health scare. Our hearts flitted between fear and hope, adding layers of stress to our already complex situation.

As our wedding day approached, another hurdle loomed. My growing baby bump meant my wedding dress no longer fit. The cost of a new one was beyond our means, but with determination and resilience (and a bit of sucking in) we pressed forward. Our guest list consisted of people who, at the time, we felt obligated to invite rather than a close-knit circle of friends and family who truly understood us or our journey.

An incident during the ceremony added another layer of heartache to our day. As we prepared to exchange our vows, one of our bridesmaids inexplicably pinched our 2-year-old daughter, causing her to break into inconsolable sobs. Daniel had to cradle her throughout the ceremony, resulting in us shouting our vows over her cries. It was a harsh blow, distorting what should have been an intimate, joyous moment into a tense, distressing experience.

The reception venue, a place meant to host our joy and love, let us down in multiple ways. Excitedly, we had arranged a menu tasting, but our anticipation turned to disappointment when the chef didn’t show on the day we had booked. Adding salt to the wound, they imposed a ‘no dancing’ rule last minute due to new carpets. Our dreams of a joyous night filled with dancing and laughter seemed to slip further away.

Our wedding day, which was supposed to be the happiest day of our lives, felt more like a series of unfortunate events. My morning sickness had me literally sick on my dress, and the food, which we hadn’t had a chance to taste beforehand, fell very short of our expectations. The poor service and lack of attention to detail from the venue added to our distress. Our evening reception was a letdown, with most of the invited guests failing to show up with no notice, leaving us with an abundance of untouched food and an echoing emptiness.

To add a bitter end-note to the series of unfortunate events, we cut into our wedding cake only to find it was burnt – a hidden disappointment concealed beneath an icing facade.

The day that was meant to be filled with joy, love, and beautiful beginnings turned into a whirlwind of disappointment, letdowns, and heartache. We felt deserted by those we held close and disheartened by the series of events that tainted our special day.

However, we refused to let our painful experience define us. Instead, we channeled our disappointment into a mission: to ensure that no couple would have to endure what we did. We transformed our heartache into determination, pledging to create joy-filled, memorable wedding days for couples.

We’ve built a legacy out of our less-than-ideal circumstances. This legacy is not just of enduring love and resilience but of commitment to perfecting your special day. We aim to create a day where joy, love, and beautiful memories flow freely. We’ll make sure your focus remains where it should be: on your love and commitment to each other, while we take care of the rest.

Daniel, Alexandra & Isabella at their wedding in 2012
Daniel & Alexandra On Their Wedding Day
Daniel & Alexandra During Their Wedding Ceremony

Let’s Turn Your Dream Into Reality!

We know that reading our story might have brought up a lot of emotions. You might be feeling anxious about your own upcoming celebration, wondering if your own event might face unexpected pitfalls. But remember why we shared our story: because we’re committed to making sure you don’t have to go through what we did.

We’re in the business of creating joy, laughter, and unforgettable moments. We’ve walked the challenging road and now we’re here, with a mission to save you from facing the trials we did.

This is your moment to shine, to create memories that will last a lifetime, to truly have the best day of your life. And guess what? You don’t have to do it alone. We are here to listen to you, understand your vision, your desires, and most importantly, help you avoid the bumps along the way.

Don’t leave your dreams to chance. Take the first step towards a seamless, unforgettable celebration in the beautiful landscapes of Spain. All you need to do is click the button below to schedule a 30 minute call. No obligation, no pressure – just a friendly chat to start mapping out how we can make your vision a reality. Alternatively, we can discuss via email if that is easier for you. 

We can’t wait to hear from you. Let’s create a day that is perfectly yours, full of joy, love, and unforgettable memories.